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The Boondocks - Huey Wanted Tan T-Shirt

The Boondocks - Huey Wanted Tan T-Shirt

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Step out with the raw edge and sharp wit of Woodcrest's own with "The Boondocks - Huey Wanted Tan T-Shirt." This isn't just another piece of merch; it's a badge of honor for those who stand with Huey, the revolutionary spirit of "The Boondocks." Set against a sleek tan backdrop, this tee features the iconic "Wanted" poster of Huey Freeman, making a bold statement wherever you go.

deKryptic is the ONLY The Boondocks Officially Licensed Merchandise Seller. "IF ITS NOT SIGNED, ITS NOT REAL" 


  • Flocked Detail The Boondocks Logo Front Hit

  • Huey Wanted Poster Graphic Back Hit

  • Premium deKryptic 100% Cotton Tan T-Shirt 

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